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I am a Civil Mediation Council Accredited mediator with an extensive background in children and young people’s services. My background involves issues concerning social care, schools, early years settings, between family members, in the workplace, between landlords and tenants, and in the community.

I often work within multi-party relationship situations where local authorities, professionals, clients, and representatives are involved. I pride myself in working with people who have differing needs and helping to re-build trust and confidence between those involved.

I also provide training to parents, team members, leadership teams, and professionals in conflict management and resolution. My experience includes working with teams where communication and working relationships have broken down. My ethos is to ensure that people understand how conflict arises and equip them with the skills to prevent this escalating and being confident to handle situations in the future.

As a professional, I also work with my local community re-build trust and work together and use my skills to bring positivity and a solution-focused mindset to everyone I work with. Working with me you will see that I believe in facilitating open communication, building trust, and providing an equal platform are essential aspects to reaching resolution.

My Services

My services are provided online and face to face and I charge an hourly rate of £100 per person. If you are not sure which service is best or need some guidance, please contact me directly for an informal and confidential discussion.


Mediation is a form of dispute resolution that empowers the parties to make the decisions. As your Mediator, my role is to facilitate conversation and discussion and help you overcome obstacles to reaching agreement.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching is provided on an individual basis to people who need support either to self-manage conflict or as part of mediation. I provide Conflict Coaching services on an hourly rate basis.

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Community Mediation

In the Community

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I have extensive experience of working with community disputes. This has involved working with residents on community cohesion projects where there is a need for different members of the community to work together such as through residents associations. I support our community with mediation where there has been historical conflict and this has caused projects to be unable to move forward.

I work with intergenerational disputes, supporting family members in resolving conflict. These can be linked to a variety of issues such as disagreements over assets or organisational agreements. As well as interpersonal conflicts between family members and issues involving children's wellbeing.

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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Mediation

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

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I work with children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and the professionals and families who support them. I believe that everyone should be provided an equal voice to share views and express themselves. I have experience of working within the decision process for Education and Health Care plans. I provide a range of support on a one-to-one and group basis including mediation and assessment, advice and guidance services.

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Landlord and Tenant Mediation

Landlord and

Tenant Matters

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I work with fractious landlords and tenants where tenants may be facing potential eviction through rent arears or other issues. I have worked with tenants and landlords to help re-secure tenancies and put in place a framework of communication and an action plan to manage situations without the need to engage with litigation and other formal procedures.

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Workplace Mediation



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I am an accredited Workplace Mediator and I support co-workers who are dealing with internal conflict, individuals going through grievances or other formal procedures. Workplace Mediation is an ideal platform to help you better understand issues and how to resolve these to improve working relationships in the longer term.

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Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching

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I provide Conflict Coaching services to individuals and teams. Conflict Coaching is a 121 service whereby I will work with you to self-manage your conflict. This is often used as part of mediation (to help parties better prepare) and where mediation or other forms of support are not suitable. Conflict Coaching sessions are provided remotely and we’ll agree the number of sessions needed and the details of how I can support you.

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